Top 5 Reasons You Should Have a Window Cleaner!

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Top 5 reasons you should have a window cleaner

Did you know that keeping your windows clean all year round doesn’t just make your home look good? Lots of people don’t see the benefits of paying for a window cleaner and that they can do it themselves. BUT you could do more harm than good. Plus, why would you want to spend your free time cleaning windows when you can pay someone else to do it for you?

Here’s our top 5 reasons as to why you should have a regular window cleaner:

1. Window Cleaners have all the proper tools = Some people may still use vinegar and newspaper to clean their windows, but technology has come on a little bit since those days. With the water-fed pole, de-ionised water and van delivery-systems ladders aren’t even required anymore. Professional window cleaners can clean even those hard to reach windows all from the safety of the floor. Spraying your windows with window cleaner and wiping it off isn’t sufficient. Did you know if you leave any particles on the windows it actually attracts dust?? The opposite of what you want. This is because the excessive rubbing on the windows produces electrons and the electrostatic charge these give off attract the dust to settle on your window.

2. Time saving = As mentioned in the introduction, manually cleaning your windows without the right toosl can be very time consuming. If you don’t already have what you need, you have to go out and get what you need then you have to actually do the job. Seems like a waste of a Saturday morning if you ask me. Even we try avoid working weekends and we get paid to do this!

3. Energy efficiency = The dirt that gathers on your windows may in fact lower the energy efficiency of your home. The reason being, mucky windows block out more sunlight and this sunlight getting in through the windows helps to heat up your home. Not to mention, the less light that comes in will make your beautiful home seem dark and dingy. As well as keeping your home warmer, lets be honest, clean windows and doors just look nicer. Not only brightening up the interior, but it boosts curb appeal from the outside too.

4. Preventative maintenance = Keeping your frames and doors clean from dirt build up means they will help reduce the chance of damage over time. As dirt gathers in openers, doors, latches etc this increases the wear and tear on the mechanisms and can also cause erosion. If your windows have the rubber seals, they will breakdown much quicker if they aren’t cleaned regularly. With the water-fed pole all aspects of your windows/doors are cleaned every time and the purified water rinses away any impurities.

5. Safety = We have found there’s still a fair few people out there who prefer to do their own window cleaning. This may be a great way to help save a little bit of money, but is it really worth the risk? Even if you consider the demographic that tend to live in bungalows, you could argue the case for hiring a window cleaner even more so! I have seen a woman hanging out of her bedroom window, holding on with one hand, and cleaning her window by herself. For what it would cost someone to do, is it worth damaging your property or even worse, damaging yourself?

 If you think a window cleaner might be right for you then fill in the form HERE and we’ll be in touch.


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