Helpful Information

Why don't you dry the windows?

The water we use is de-ionised which means all the impurities are taken out. It's all the mineral deposits found in regular water which leaves the spots/streaks that can be seen on the windows. Because our technology removes all these, there's no need to dry them. Traditional window cleaners will dry the windows as there water does contain the impurities/soap suds from the washing up liquid. If they didn't wipe them dry it would be streaky.

Do you clean in the rain?

It used to be the case that with air pollution and the risks associated with using ladders in wet conditions, traditional window cleaners weren't able to get the desired result in the rain. Due to modern technology, rain does not impact the finished result when using the purified water system so yes we will clean your windows all year round.  However, we don't work in very bad conditions such as heavy snow, strong winds or heavy rain.

Do I need to be in?

You don't need to be in when we come to clean your windows. If there are gates that are usually locked, we will text you the night before to ask to leave it open. We do also have various sized ladders so we are able to gain access to most properties. If for whatever reason we can't gain access to any part of the house we would just typically charge for the windows we can get to. 

I never have cash, how do I pay?

Gone are the days of window cleaners needing to go round collecting cash. As with the rest of the technology we use, we bring window cleaning to the 21st century. We use GoCardless to collect all our payments. Getting setup is simple and easy and you never have to remember to make a payment again!

My previous window cleaner used that pole and was rubbish. Why should I pay you?

As with most thing in life, technology has improved lots of aspects of our daily lives. From cars to phones to window cleaning! But as with every job/service there are people out there who don't provide the best service possible. All our cleaners are trained to the highest standards and we adhere to keep these expectations high. If you aren't happy with the service provided simply get in touch and we'll aim to rectify the issue asap.

My windows haven't been done in years. Can you get them clean?

No job is too big for us to handle! With the most up-to-date technology, professional solutions and highly skilled staff, we can make even the dirtiest windows clean again. Depending on how long they've been left untouched, it can take a couple of cleans to get them immaculate. It is highly likely that after the initial 'deep clean' there may be some marks left but after the second clean they will be good as new.